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-Aisaka Taiga? She supposed she got it, what with Taiga’s recent display of her temper.-

My, how ferocious~

-She noticed that Taiga didn’t ask for her name in return, which was fine. The two didn’t really need to know each other’s names, Mugino had simply been curious enough to ask. Besides, it wasn’t likely that the two would be friends any time soon since they’d gotten off to such a great start.-

Well, then, Aisaka-san, if you’re ever interested in becoming my underling or something to that effect, be sure to come find me. ♥

-Taiga puts the chair back where she got it, not giving a damn about the table lying off to the side.-

Eh? Why would I want to be some stupid dog’s underling?

-She rolls her eyes.-

You better hope we never cross paths again.

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“You’re the one who started following me. You lost?”

"N-NO! I’M NOT LOST!" Bingo.


-She could see the girl preparing to throw the chair as if she were just waiting for another remark to come her way. The girl’s strength defied one’s perception of her, she seemed to be oddly strong for her size. Since she couldn’t obliterate incoming objects at the moment, Mugino decided it best to back off for the time being; she didn’t want to end up with bruises from stray chairs and tables flying about.-

Fine~ I suppose I should stop antagonizing you, then. Do you have a name?

-Of course Taiga wasn’t strong, she never was to begin with. But picking up chairs and tables wasn’t such a hard thing to do now was it? Regardless, the cocky girly had opted to listen to Taiga. Feeling slightly content, the rowdy girl quickly looked away. Eyebrows furrowing in a clear scowl.-

…Tch. The names Aisaka Taiga.

-She wasn’t going to ask for names, Taiga didn’t really care.-

taiggar started following you


- Hitagi wasnt sure how to react.  This girl was, without a doubt, tsundere like herself.  Gracefully slipping some hair behind her ear with a fluid motion of her hand she sighed and looked away as this girl seemed to be having a bit of a temper tantrum. Hitagi was not assigned to babysit, and therefore was finding this rather unamusing. -

“ I hate noisy brats.“

- What she didnt hate, was instigating a little and delivering some verbal abuse. -

“Calm down, child labor-chan.“

- Was she going to try and soothe the noisy girl?!-

“Being undesirable isnt so bad.  It just means you wont have to worry about screaming like that every again.“

- Not in a million years. Trolololotagi.-

Don’t start spouting things about me, you stupid dog." Taiga lurched forward, hoping to grab a fist full of the girls clothing to bring her face down to her own. A clear scowl was visible and it was obvious Taiga mean’t business. She absolutely hated these types of people, they brought out the worse in her. And all she wanted to do was knock some sense into them since talking was never her strong point, and getting a point across would be impossible.


-Mugino was unsure of how much teasing this little girl could take, but she was getting a fairly good idea of it. The girl suddenly picked up a table and threw it in Mugino’s direction, to which the taller female reacted by raising her left hand in an upward arching motion. Of course, nothing happened. The power-negating vaccine couldn’t do anything about natural instinct or habit. Luckily, the table missed.-

I should apologize? You’re the one throwing furniture, missy.


-Taiga took a step forward, her aura nearly glowing with anger. She held the chair tightly, preparing to throw it again if the other insisted on insulting her.-


“No, do you?”

"Youre the one saying hello to me."

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taiggar started following you

“Oh? Hello there, are you new? I hope you enjoy your stay in Shibuku!”

(what a positively adorable girl~!)

"Mm? …I would if I wasn’t forced here."

taiggar started following you


“You’re right, I apologize, you look nothing like black hanekawa a sex cat.  Your chest is too flat.“

This girl… She was gorgeous, she had the body of a model. Taiga couldn’t help but closely relate the other to Ami. So of course… Taiga felt undoubtedly inferior, “I-… I…

SHUT UP!!" This was a wonderful way to start out her first day of school. She was both hurt and pissed off at this point. Her fist clenched and her eye brows furrowed in a mixture of sadness and anger, "The hell is your problem you idiot! Y-you take that back or else!!


I can’t imagine what you’d be able to do. Maybe you could you give me a hint~?

-No hint was needed. The girl merely sprang into action, picking up the nearest object which happened to be a table. Throwing it in the girls direction, she hissed angrily.-

Don’t you get cocky with me. Apologize for being such a stupid idiot!

-Next would be a chair and she’d be sure not to miss.-


I can’t exactly call you tall, can I?

You don’t need to say anything at all. So if you don’t cut that out, I’ll make sure you regret it.